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Torn Fourchette

Cross-posted to the vaginapagina community...

Cut for potentially triggering talk of rape (I have never done a LJ cut before, so I really hope this works...).

I was raped in September. I was left with some quite distressing internal injuries, with pain and bleeding lasting for many weeks, and a dose of cystitis too. I had tears externally and tears and grazes deep internally. Over time I healed physically, but since then I keep getting tears on my vulva.

I have been tested for STIs, and I am completely clear of those. Ditto HIV.

After the third or fourth tear I saw a hospital doctor who said that the tear I had at that time was in an area called the fourchette.

The first time it happened was with the rape. The next three times it happened was during sex (male and female partners). And since then, it has happened three times spontaneously. With no stimulation or pressure or even touching of the area.

Each time, I feel it tear, but it doesn't hurt. It is only a couple of hours later that it starts to hurt. It stings like hell, especially when I go to the toilet. If it's a bad tear, even sitting down hurts.

It seems relevant to say that lubrication isn't a problem. It's not that I'm tearing because I'm dry. I naturally produce a lot of lubrication (that is way more information than I'm used to sharing!! But it does seem relevant).

So: No STIs, no lack of lube, not even penetration now required to cause me to tear.

I love this community - I rarely post or comment, but I read here voraciously. I thought that if anyone had any advice, it would be you all. Googling it could make you think that a torn fourchette only ever happens during childbirth, I'm having no luck finding any information about this at all.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this recurring? Any sex positions to go for / avoid? Anything I can do to soothe the tears when they are there? Any other thoughts at all?

Thank you!
Tags: injury, rape, torn fourchette

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